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Charlotte Table Tennis Club, Inc

CTTC founded in 1979 is one of the oldest table tennis clubs in the state of North Carolina. We are a diverse club with over 125 active players - ranging from professionals to amateurs, 10 year olds to 75 year olds. If you love the game and want to play or of you are on the fence - jump right in, this is the place. Come visit us!

May "Pro-Am" Tournament

Our first Progressive Elimination "Pro-Am" Teams is in the books!

1st Place - Ling Fan and Brian Lehman

2nd Place - Jay Ntukulu and Kiran Kumar Pendyala

3rd Place - Lakshmi Chereddi and Marcus Miller

4th Place - Jeremy Rabuck and Sudhir Shivaram

5th Place - Trent Ashburn and Ajinkya Gabhe

6th Place - Thomas Mann and Charlie Zhao

7th Place - Rahul Movva and Vijayendra Nerurkar

8th Place - Elias Gomez and Anish Hemanth

League Results for 6/1/2023
Player of the Week - Saanvi Tiwari

828591Cameron Smith2206220716U106/01/2023
1400201Victor Plugovoy19842001175U106/01/2023
281961Pezhman Shams1927194215406/01/2023
2783791Vinit Dhuri19631954-93D206/01/2023
1384321David Ovrutsky18611838-231D206/01/2023
2747061Lakshmi Chereddi17961793-3106/01/2023
2169591Shahzad Nizamuddin179517972106/01/2023
646782Elias Gomez18761908326U106/01/2023
219742Matt Chando19321928-4506/01/2023
2196722Mike Jones19111862-493D306/01/2023
325472Bill Englebreth16871774873U106/01/2023
2782192Vishal Gupta1689170213206/01/2023
2729962Sheng Chen1666168620206/01/2023
2145812Ajinkya Gabhe17401697-430D306/01/2023
2223173Sam Sundar17891808196U206/01/2023
2777173Suraj Pendyala1638167941406/01/2023
1980783Ion Diaconescu16371678414U206/01/2023
811753Pavel Douganyuk17381707-31306/01/2023
2726213Piyush Kant1643166017306/01/2023
279533Femi Ogundipe16851643-421D406/01/2023
704783Marcus Miller16621617-450D406/01/2023
944974Vijayendra Nerurkar16731685126U306/01/2023
2750204Jiawei Sun17071688-19506/01/2023
11671104Alan Kriger1614163824506/01/2023
11664544Miguel Roldan15391569304U306/01/2023
2790904Suraj Sudhakar158515949406/01/2023
2134754Greg Everman16311597-343D506/01/2023
2723954Charlie Zhao15001482-18106/01/2023
2782164Matt Magnuson13491345-40D506/01/2023
2773165Amit Khare142614315606/01/2023
2779835Jalen Joyce13661393276U406/01/2023
2731475Zac Jacob13351372376U406/01/2023
2665455Toma Mamoulashvili1310132313406/01/2023
2698125Jacob Quiroz13841346-383D606/01/2023
2770135Kavin Idhayan13151290-25206/01/2023
2752855Jeremiah Mora1119113213106/01/2023
2203345Elazar Silverman12051173-320D606/01/2023
2665486Martin Lessa12641276127U506/01/2023
2786646Delvin Joyce121512205606/01/2023
2726186Harry Karr1121113312506/01/2023
2778646Ian Murry109410951406/01/2023
2726436Michael Matthews10611053-83D606/01/2023
2775946Saanvi Tiwari794886922U506/01/2023
2775956Bhavik Tiwari64169049106/01/2023
2751776Kayla Edwards1043932-1110D606/01/2023

February GRR Tournament Video - by Lei Wu


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