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Charlotte Table Tennis Club, Inc

CTTC founded in 1979 is one of the oldest table tennis clubs in the state of North Carolina. We are a diverse club with over 125 active players - ranging from professionals to amateurs, 10 year olds to 75 year olds. If you love the game and want to play or of you are on the fence - jump right in, this is the place. Come visit us!

Basement Hackers Open

The Basement Hackers Open tournament is now open to players with a USATT tournament rating less than 1200 or a league rating less than 1400. This is a fun event with no effect on USATT league or tournament ratings. It will be held this Saturday, March 25 at 1018 Jay Street, Suite 220, Charlotte, NC - competition starts at 10 am. Register at www.omnipong.com

February GRR Tournament Video - by Lei Wu


League Results for 3/23/2023
Players of the Week - Jalen Joyce

828591Cameron Smith2244224735U103/23/2023
1400171David Plugovoy203520416303/23/2023
325501Edem Komlanvi2029203893U103/23/2023
219741Matt Chando20202015-52D203/23/2023
1400201Victor Plugovoy198319863203/23/2023
646781Elias Gomez19191903-160D203/23/2023
281962Pezhman Shams19151926114U103/23/2023
2747062Lakshmi Chereddi1764179834303/23/2023
944972Vijayendra Nerurkar16481740922U103/23/2023
147302Manoj Pathak19151832-831D303/23/2023
2771902Venkat Ramana15591556-30D303/23/2023
2686153Kenny Nissel16891688-1203/23/2023
1384323David Ovrutsky16811679-2203/23/2023
1988103Chirag Almoula1655165832U203/23/2023
2773153Kiran Pendyala1318131800D403/23/2023
936174Shreedhar Kale16321653214U303/23/2023
2203334Adam Mickey16211607-142D503/23/2023
1423334Miguel Roldan16071600-7203/23/2023
2145814Ajinkya Gabhe157715770203/23/2023
2770134Kavin Idhayan1297129700D503/23/2023
2749505Nitin Mosamkar14751490152U403/23/2023
2772135Diandian Peng146514650103/23/2023
2749165Vivek Purohit14591444-150D603/23/2023
2773166Amit Khare1335134611403/23/2023
2779836Jalen Joyce112413181944U503/23/2023
2718216Val-Pierre Vallat13861359-27303/23/2023
2731476Zac Jacob13021279-23203/23/2023
2203346Elazar Silverman11931206132U503/23/2023
2778646Ian Murry8568560003/23/2023

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